IP Enforcement

Abide by the rules

IP Enforcement Overview

A better legal system

IP rights enforcement, making it more vulnerable to potential therft and infrigement. Thus IP, holders must always be well versed with the lastest developments and other technological implications to protect their assests and guage their compliance practices.

IP Rights Enforcements : Everything to know

Preseve your IP rights before the appropriate authorities

Stop Infrigement in tracks to avoid damage to good will or your reputation

Get compensation for any profit losses or damages from the infrigement

Enforcing IP Rights

What can you do in case of infringement?

Copyright infringement

Gives owners another way to protect their licensed material. It lets them go after third parties involved in illegal transactions.
Patents, Copyright and trademark.

Copyright infringement remedies

The owner of the copyright has two types of legal remedy to help them out
a) Civil remedy
b) Criminal remedy

Gain a fresh perspective on your intellectual property portfolio.