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We help you protect your company and your ideas.

We help you protect the company you’re launching, scaling or taking public. A patent is a security system through which you can protect your ideas from being taken by others!

Photon Legal include-

Experienced, Cost-Effective Patent Professionals

Do you need help in patenting an invention? At Photon Legal you can learn everything about the process of obtaining patent protection from experienced professionals. We are a boutique firm acting on patents and offering cost-effective solutions to individual inventors as well as small, medium-sized and conglomerates.

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While Photon Legals has a team of Patent Agents focusing on the business of Patents and in the filing and granting of Patents, they also have trained and experienced associations with Trademark Agents, and Intellectual Property attorneys and lawyers.

Responsive, fast and sharp legal minds.

Our clients entrust us to encourage them to launch and grow assuredly. We work with some of the giant corporations in the world, we help you navigate the important decisions you’ll make as you grow your business.

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Whether you have a specific legal question for a new tech startup or you need ongoing support for a scaling company, we’re felicitous to help as much or as little as needed. We’ll discuss your explicit needs and provide a bespoke roadmap and estimate so that you can plan and budget accordingly.

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Are you an attorney?

The one seeking patent counsel with a winning record in the courts and with the Patent Office?


Are you a business?

The one that has a new product or method that will provide you to adequately compete in the marketplace, or do you use a trademark or service mark?


Are you a business?

The one that has a new product or method that will provide you to adequately compete in the marketplace, or do you use a trademark or service mark?

It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in; if you invest in research and
development, you must safeguard your results.

Competition is everywhere in every field, people can go down to achieve what they want. In this world full of competition, protect your ideas from being copied and used by others, just get your ideas patented.

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Monopolize your ideas.

You might think that how will a patent secure your inventions? A very simple answer to this is when you get a patent it makes your ideas solely yours and it excludes others from making, using, selling or importing an invention. You’ll have a monopoly, and no one else will be able to produce similar things within the same scope as you.

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Patent Licensing and Monetization

Transform your IP into revenue in seconds

optimum impact on business and revenue.

offers end-to-end solutions

rank your patent portfolio

identifying potential licenses

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Patent Infringement

Generates revenue for the patent owners.

Photon legal’s Patent Infringement/Licensing Opportunity Monitoring service finds products/processes that infringe on patent rights and can be licenced to earn cash for patent owners. Monitoring these possibilities allows you to get the most out of a patent or your entire patent portfolio.

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Patent Due Diligence Service

Enables sound business decisions.

The Patent Due Diligence service of Photon Legal is a service that assesses the amount, quality, and enforceability of a patent or a company’s whole patent portfolio. It aids the acquirer in determining the technical and legal elements that surround a patent in order to make informed business decisions.


Patent Mining

Generate more patent applications .

Identifying and prioritising assets is an important part of managing and monetizing patent portfolios. This is where Patent Mining enters the picture. With the Patent Mining service offered by us, you can determine which technologies to licence or sell as marginal assets to create cash, which assets to donate or abandon to save money, and which acquisitions to reinforce or grow an existing portfolio.

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Support for Strategic Patent Prosecution

Directed or Strategic Patent Prosecution Support helps you to create a complete patent portfolio by finding items that are highly similar in terms of the technology described in the claims of a subject patent and then changing the claims to make it easier to identify infringement for the updated claims. These claims are then filed as a CP or CIP in a patent application.

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