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Deep Tech, Valuations & Patents: Nexus Explained!

Photon Legal brings to you, yet another exciting webinar series – Deep Tech, Valuations, & Patents: Nexus Explained! Let’s explore the nexus hearing to some path breaking techies, entrepreneurs, and Investors. Join us and get insights like never before! Register yourself on the link given below or by scanning the QR code in the video.

Who should attend?

Techies, Innovators, Start-ups, SMEs, MSMEs, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Intellectual Property (IP) enthusiasts. If you are looking to strike the right balance of Technology, Valuation and Patents then this e-Summit is your one-stop solution.

Why attend the summit?

Presently, all Start-ups, SMEs, MSMEs, and even established businesses are going through unforeseen challenges. Every entrepreneur at certain stage needs expert guidance about maintaining company’s valuation, investments, and IP growth especially in these tough times of pandemic. Our distinguished guests with years of experience in the above-mentioned fields will provide valuable insights into the entire process. Every session will shed new light on a series of important issues including the following and more:

  • How are the Deep Tech Companies Valued?
  • What do Investors look for before investing into a company?
  • Has the Pandemic changed the way investors think and invest?
  • Do Patents increase Valuation?
  • Pandemic shifting the tech world
  • When to File for Patents? Before investment or after?

Event Details:

Dates: 10th to 13th May 2021

Timing: 9 am EST and 12.00 Noon EST (2 sessions every day)

Registration Link :-

Enroll now to be a part of our webinar

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