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We, at Photon Legal, have been committed to being knowledge dissipators. In the last series of webinars, which was loved by all those who attended it, we talked about the Nexus between IPR, Startups, and Funding.

We now bring to you the second series of Webinars scheduled for 26th to 30th April 2021. This time we intend to expand on the role of CAs concerning Investments in Startups and IPR, the series titles as Investors, CAs, and IPRs: Should You Need All 3?

Who should attend?

Small and Medium Companies, Educational Institutions, Entrepreneurs, and Students. If you are looking to find answers to a plethora of questions that are taking the rounds related to CAs and their role in investing and IPR then this 4-day Summit is your one-stop solution.

Why attend the summit?

Many startups and businesses need expert guidance from Chartered Accountants with their valuations and finances. With IPR and investing CAs can play a crucial role in driving the startups. No one ever knows enough and the drive for knowledge lays the path to progress. With this in mind, we have an illustrious panel of speakers. Our distinguished guests with years of experience in the above-mentioned fields will provide valuable insights into the entire process.

Every session will shed new light on a series of important issues including the following and more:

  1. Role of a lawyer in funding.
  2. Impact of IP for valuation of start-up
  3. Why should Startups hire a CA?
  4. Role of CA in a startup
  5. Should an entrepreneur/a budding startup appoint a CA?
  6. Can a CA guide startups on valuation?
  7. How can CA play a larger role in the thriving startup community in India?

Date: 26th to 30th April 2021
Time: 4 pm IST each day

Registration Link :- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/investors-cas-and-iprs-should-you-need-all-3-tickets-149856732521

Enroll now to be a part of our webinar

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