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What’s in the Cloud? – Discussing the evolution and future of Cloud Tech

By Photon legalSeptember 21, 2021March 8th, 2022No Comments

Photon Legal brings to you, yet another exciting webinar series – What’s in the Cloud? Let’s hear from some cloud tech experts about their experiences, knowledge and upcoming trends in cloud tech. Join us and get insights like never before! Register yourself on the link given below or by scanning the QR code in the video.

Who should attend?

IT professionals, Data Science engineers, SMEs, MSMEs, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Intellectual Property (IP) enthusiasts. If you are curious about the upcoming trends in cloud tech, then you must attend this webinar. 

Why attend the summit?

The Cloud Tech Space is witnessing major developments and innovations to keep up with and support the virtual world. Cloud is an iterative process of optimization and creating security by design to match a company’s present and future goals. Cloud computing has become a prominent model for computer & IT services and the industry is seeing groundbreaking innovations, IP plays an important role in protecting these innovations. 

Our distinguished panelists, with years of experience in Cloud Tech will provide valuable insights about their journey. Every session will shed new light on a series of interesting topics including the following and more:

  • Evolution of Cloud Tech
  • Challenges faced during pandemic situation 
  • Rise of Cloud startups
  • Cloud Tech and IP 
  • The hidden/ unexpected costs of the cloud

Event Details: 

Dates: 11th to 14th October 2021

Timing: 9 am EST

Registration Link :-


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