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Photon Legal featured in the Silicon India Magazine

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“Photon Legal is a law firm that strives to provide an unprecedented approach for securing Intellectual Property for its’ client across the globe.” These were the highly appreciated words by Silicon India Magazine. The magazine features the founding partners of Photon Legal -Amit Koshal and Prayank Khandelwal on the cover page. The magazine was in all praise of Photon Legal which was formed in June 2019 and had outrightly gained recognition and a good reputation by helping a diverse clientele. The magazine gives an insight into what Photon Legal does and its mission to revisit how traditional law firms operate. Their motto to inspire and delight clients with care and speed is very clear, and their goal to become the go-to IP firm for every IP-related problem has been highlighted in the magazine. The magazine also highlights how important it is to protect your tangible and intangible work and it be an individual, start-up, or small entity to MNCs; Photon Legal has been the one-stop place for everyone. Photon Legal has been fast-moving and has about 175 clients (including big names like Tata, Bisleri, etc.) in less than two years of its’ inception. The magazine has ranked Photon Legal as the most promising patent and trademark service provider-2021, and rightly so. Photon Legal has made strong relationships with clients, helped them build IP strategies from scratch, assisted them draft and filing their IPs, and resulted in a 100% patent grant rate in India and USA. The magazine features Photon Legal as a firm with dedicated individuals and a talented team who works hard to give the best for their clients. Their motto is clear, and they pledge to endeavor that no innovation goes unprotected and no innovator is left unrewarded for their creations in India.

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