At Photon Legal, securing and implementing copyrights are a foundation of our IP administrations. We have tremendous involvement in this field—routinely helping customers to verify worldwide copyright benefits and responsibility for resources, counting assignments from outsiders and self-employed entities, managing worker issues, creation, and joint origin matters, thought accommodation and work for contract issues. We give key exhortation with respect to permitting copyrighted works, stimulation properties and programming, including directing customers on open source issues.

From building works and programming to toys, centerpieces, music, screenplays, and amusement properties, to sites and advertising materials, we secure and authorize our customers’ copyrights universally by enlisting their rights with the Copyright Office and working with lawyers in remote nations to enlist copyrights in those nations. We additionally support our clients to market their work within the client network.

Our offerings include –

  • National and International Filing of Copyright work
  • Software
  • Cinematography
  • Literary works
  • Music recordings
  • Artistic works