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Make Your Ownership Exclusive

Copyrights grant exclusive ownership and the right to use a work once it has been fixed in a tangible format. There are different sorts of works that come under Copyright law such as paintings, photographs, compositions, etc. However, the rights are truly effective when you can enforce them and protect them from infringement.

Why Copyright?

The True Price of a Creation Lies in its Authenticity, We Protect it

Copyright provides legal protection, so when your copyrighted work is being copied you can file a case and show that the work is yours’s copyright works as evidence.

It gives the owner the exclusive rights to use the product publicly
It enables the owner to enforce the copyright laws to protect against infringement
It allows the owner to collect remuneration and royalties

National and International Filing of Copyright work

Software | Cinematography | Literary works | Music recordings | Artistic works

Our team of proficient copyright lawyers encourage those in the creative industries and beyond to guard and monetise their original work.

Copyright Protection

Copyright confers the right of the owner to restrict others from imitating their work. It does not restrict the independent creation of works.

Copyright Infringement Services

There is no hard and fast rule to proving copyright infringement; that’s why it’s vital to seek experienced legal advice as soon as possible when you suspect that your work has been copied.

Why Us?

We understand the importance of protecting your IP

We offer a holistic set of expertise for our clients. This comprises protection in relation to software code, music, literature, film, graphics, art and design. Moreover, we associate all over the world to address concerns of copyright infringement wheresoever they take place.

Safegaurding your expression of creativity.

Swift and decisive consulting to protect you from infringement

Banking on our experience and expertise.

Ensures the rights of the invention stay with the inventor

A niche expertise in empower IP rights for our clients

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