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Our team of proficient copyright lawyers encourage those in the creative industries and beyond to guard and monetise their original work. This comprises protection in relation to software code, music, literature, film, graphics, art and design. Moreover, we associate all over the world to address concerns of copyright infringement wheresoever they take place.

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National and International Filing of Copyright work  |  Software  |  Cinematography  |  Literary works  |  Music recordings  |  Artistic works

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If you think your copyright has been infringed, qualified legal advice ought to be taken at an early stage. This is especially the case when important sums are at stake. We have worked on many cases concerning infringement of copyright, so we can offer valuable advice and support to encourage you to take action and protect your work.

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A highly regarded intellectual property law firm that specialises in copyright services.

We strive to help those in the creative industries and beyond protect their work from copying, whether wholly or substantially.

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What is copyright?
Your content, your rights!

The absolute ownership rights are granted to the inventor. The expression of ideas, such as unique art or creative endeavour, is protected by copyright. Copyright provides you with the right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, and perform and display the work publicly. Copyright encourages and provides encouragement to the authors or creators to make or create new works.


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Why should you opt for copyright?

  • It provides legal protection, so when your copyrighted work is being copied you can file a case and show that the work is yours’s copyright works as evidence.
  • It gives the owner both branding and goodwill.
  • It makes sure that there is no unauthorised use of your work.
  • It specifies the publication date.
  • It gives the owner the ability to licence his or her property.
  • It pays the owner remuneration and royalties.