IP Portfolio Management

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Bring refinement with management

Managing an IP portfolio the right way can improve your efficiency and give you a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Intellectual property portfolio management oversees a collection of IP rights in order to better protect them.

It’s more important than ever to effectively manage an IP portfolio

Analyze and acquire data

Mine data and set up a database to gather and store information

Effective communication connecting legal, business, and technical terms

Program management methodologies

Why manage IP portfolio?

Well-Managed IP Portfolio bring invaluable benefits

Finding new ways of making your company stand out from competitors

Giving you a competitive edge

Increasing your market value

Expanding investment and partnership opportunities

Value Proposition

When you manage your IP portfolio, you add value to your company

Creating a barrier of entry

Your IP portfolio may stop competitors from coming into your valuable commercial space. Holding a patent portfolio around new technology involving the main product or patent, along with additional patents covering variations of your invention.

Value Proposition IP Portfolio 01

Attracting Investors

Once you create a barrier to entry, investors will be more interested in investing in your company because they understand you have a exclusive space in the market.

Value Proposition IP Portfolio 02

Adding Value

A comprehensive IP portfolio can make your business more valuable, so it can increase your profits if someone wishes to buy IP rights associated with your company or product.

Value Proposition IP Portfolio 03

Gain a fresh perspective on your intellectual property portfolio.