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Your Brand is Everything.

Protect it Forever and Always.

What makes Colgate so good is not what’s inside the tube but the logo and design made on its plastic sheet atop the tube. What makes your brand special? Its name? Logo? Slogan? Whatever it is, it is worth everything. File a TM Application to Protect it.

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What does Photon Legal offer?

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Helping You Guard Your Unique Vision

Before you form an entity for your firm, it is vital to guarantee you can protect that vision. We provide solutions that strengthen your brand and make your trademarks indestructible. Don’t fall into common pitfalls or risk mishandling a critical area that defines your company’s uniqueness: your trademark.


Claim your vision – ™ your company

We live in an era when originality, creativity, and authenticity are essential. As a result, protecting your intellectual property is essential. Trademark registration can ensure that your distinct voice remains distinct.

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Trademark Search

Photon legal’s exhaustive Trademark Search solutions are designed to give customers the insights they need before they file for trademarks. Furthermore, product-driven companies across the spectrum now rely on trademark search before they launch products or services in new markets. Trademark searches enable businesses to save time and cost while filing trademarks by allowing them to sidestep any form of infringement or rejection.

Benefits of getting a: trademark

Protect and enhance the inherent value of your brand.

With a dedicated team and extensive industry knowledge, we provide an unrivalled service to help you protect and enhance the value of your brand.

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Safeguard your company’s name, logo, or slogan.

Register your trademark with one of the world’s largest trademark registration firms. Get professional legal help from beginning to end for the best chance of success.


The process to register a trademark

  • Day 1- Collection

    1. Discussing and collecting of basic information
    2. Providing required documents
    3. Selecting appropriate class
    4. Searching trademark and availability check
  • Day 2- Execution

    1. Documents drafting by professionals
    2. Franking on Power of Attorney
  • Day 3- Submission

    1. Filing an online trademark application
    2. Sharing the completed application and receipt
  • Day 4- Using your trademark

    1. You can now legally use TM next to your logo or brand.

The process to register a trademark

Businesses use Photon Legal’s Trademark Search service to:

  • Find existing Exact, Near Exact, and Similar Sounding mark names in the same Classes and Goods & Services.
  • Determine all potential similar brand/trademark names that may limit their ability to protect their trademark.
  • Find out about any similar well-known brand names or trademarks.
  • Make a list of prohibited marks so you can check to see if their brand name or trademark is on the list.
  • Recognize other devices/logos that appear to be similar to their brands’