Do you remember the name of toothpaste you use daily? Are you even aware of what exactly is present in your toothpaste? Or you buy it because you trust the “brand” of the toothpaste!

Your Trademark is your business identity. The accomplishment of any brand is essentially dependent on the great notoriety of the products and enterprises it gives and markets. Explicit names, just as other interesting imprints, can give the premise to the brand’s trademark rights. Trademark registrations are never again constrained to conventional word-marks also, logos, with current exchange mark law permitting a wide vista of potential outcomes for cornering and securing singular items; such potential outcomes incorporate the enlistment of “name”, “logo”, “mottos”, “color”, “phonetic impression” of your brand and even 3D trademarks for the ware structure itself. 

Our Offerings Include –

  • Trademark Search
  • Prosecution
  • National & International filing
  • Madrid Filing
  • Renewal
  • National & International
  • Trademark Watch Service
  • Assignment Recordal
  • Opposition
  • Litigation