Founders Agreement

Creating Disciplined Partnerships for Successful Business Relationships


Delegating Authorities and Responsibilties for Successful Start-up Stories

For seamless operations of a company, the founders need to have a well-defined founders agreement. A founders Agreement sets forth the rights, responsibilities, details about finances, dispute redressal, and other terms that concern the founders and the company.

Why Investors Agreement?

Structuring Roles & Responsibilities For Seamless Operations

The founder’s agreement helps set forth the terms and responsibilities to be executed by the founders and the company. In the initial stages of an company the founders

A few of the important points that come under the founders agreement are as follows:

Why Photon Legal?

Creating a well-documented structure for founders to collaborate

A well-drafted founders agreement helps safeguard the interests of the company as well as the founders. It helps set forth business priorities and undertaking responsibilities. Photon Legal drafts a well-architected Founders Agreement to ensure the company is protected during disputes.

Defining the company goals

The vision and mission of the company is well-defined and roadmapped better with a founders agreement.

Structuring the Company

The roles and responsibilites of the members in the founders agreements are delegated.

Protecting the company

The founders agreement ensures the company is protected during disputes.

Knowledge Desk

There is a lot going around

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