At Photon Legal, we provide Individuals and Corporates a panorama of Intellectual Property related services. Being a one-stop solution for a robust Intellectual Property portfolio management, we are proud to be the quickest in the business. Beginning from filing Intellectual property applications to enforcement, we ensure our clients get the stellar degree of services and assistance from the best Patent Attorneys, Patent agents, and lawyers in the market.

A robust IP portfolio asks for robust experts and specialized teams, and this is where our strengths lie. Our experts with a huge experience in a plethora of industries and IP portfolios provide our clients with the best advisory one can ever get. Dedicated teams and experts for individual areas of Intellectual Property related laws such as patent, trademark and design law insure that we deliver our clients a powerful and successful prosecution and litigation strategies to cover the whole range of licensed innovation.

As a responsible organization, Photon Legal takes immense pride in its initiatives, which include Workshops and other awareness drives. These initiatives reach people at various Universities, Colleges, Start-ups, Companies, Incubation Centre, Governmental Organizations, etc. within and outside India to spread knowledge and create awareness about what Intellectual Property is, its protection and monetization.


Photon Legal values your creativity and works closely with you to provide robust IP protection for your product. We study your target market to best advise you with all the potential “must-have” IP rights. Typically, a product involves “know-how”, “brand name”, “unique shape”, “color”, “packaging”, “label” and alike.
  • Patents

    One of the strongest IP protections your product must-have is Patent. The patent is a grant given by the law to safeguard your technological invention. The patent gives you a monopoly on the market to not only protect your “know-how” but also to refrain others from copying your “know-how”.

  • Design

    Everyone remembers visually appealing products. Thus, it has become vital for every business to project them different from the competition. One of the ways to do is by protecting the Design of your product. Design protection ensures that ornamental looks of your products are safeguarded in your target market. Photon Legal has a team of creative designers to guide you through the journey of design protection in order to stand out your product in the market.

  • Trademark

     In the age of internet and communication, we understand people watch out for the next big trend. Thus, it becomes very hard for a new product to make a dent in the market. However, a unique “non-dictionary” word for your product/company would always go a long way in identifying your product/company. Trademark helps you to create and protect your business identity for the years you are in business.  Trademark extends to color, logo, name, slogan, and even to the 3D layout of your product.

  • Copyright

    Copyright protects the artistic element of your product. The artistic element can be a label of your product, text written on your packaging, brochures, commercial materials, and alike. Copyright is an inherent IP right. However, registration is required to enforce your rights.


We have identified and embedded across our firm the core elements that make us unique. These values, designed to unite, differentiate and help drive priorities and strategic action, make up the Photon Legal Principles.


With right around 50,000 patents being recorded in India consistently, the commitment from

Indians in this pool are simply 30%. Despite what might be expected, the number of patents recorded in China are around 10 lacs for every year; and the difference here isn’t simply in the insignificant uniqueness of the numbers among India and China, the greater difference here is that the commitment by Chinese individuals in this pool is practically 80%. Unmistakably, something isn’t right; however what’s going on here?

IP Awareness? IP Benefits? Tormented Judicial framework and IP Offices? Law authorization? What’s going on here?

Maybe, every last bit of it. Having said that, there is certainly a titanic pretended by ‘absence of IP mindfulness’ and ‘absence of familiarity with IP advantages’ in Indians not securing their creations. Likewise, ordinarily, designers don’t understand that their development/creation is patent commendable, consequently enabling lacs of innovations to go in the open area without getting ensured. To address the issue, Photon Legal has vowed to make India mindful about their developments and the advantages of ensuring their advancements.

We, at Photon Legal, pledge to guarantee that no development goes unprotected and no innovator is left unrewarded for their creations in India. We conduct Innovation workshops for Govt. organizations, PSUs, research institutes, Universities, MSMEs, and large corporates.




Amit Koshal

Founding Partner

Amit is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer, a Registered Patent Agent, and a Law Graduate from Faculty of Law, Delhi University. Amit is practicing in Intellectual Property since 2006.



Prayank Khandelwal

Founding Partner

Prayank is an Information and Technology Engineer, a Registered Patent Agent, and a pursuing Law Graduate from Pune University. Prayank is practicing in Intellectual Property since 2016.



Nidhi Nag

Patent Manager

Nidhi is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer. She is practicing in Intellectual Property since 2012.


Ratish Pandey

Business Mentor

Experienced business coach, mentor and sales effectiveness trainer working with clients globally.


Jason Smith

Advisor and Member

Jason is an expert in Biological sciences, a registered US Patent Attorney, and a Juris Doc from US. Jason practices in the areas of IP and litigation. Jason is in Intellectual Property since 2008.


Steve M. duBois

Advisor and Member

Steven M. duBois, Managing Partner with the firm of Patent Portfolio Builders PLLC, practices in the areas of patent monetization, patent preparation and prosecution, patent opinions and patent licensing in the electrical and computer technologies.


Shivang Khandelwal

IP Manager

Shivang is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer from Pune University. Shivang is practicing in Intellectual Property since 2019.


Vaishnavi Joshi

Senior Scientist

Vaishnavi is a life science expert, an Intellectual property enthusiast, and a researcher at the core. Vaishnavi is practicing in Intellectual Property since 2015.


Rupali Nagpure

Senior Scientist

Rupali is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and a Registered Patent Agent. She is practicing in Intellectual Property since 2016.


Tanmay Bhanushali

Intellectual Property Engineer

Tanmay is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer from Pune University. He is practicing in Intellectual Property since 2021.


Tulsi Mansingka

Legal Intern

Tulsi is a Law Graduate from Mumbai University’s School of Law BBA LLB (HONS.).


Ashish Kankal

Legal Intern

Ashish has completed Masters of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics from Pune University and LLB from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Pune.


Chakshu Singh

Legal Intern

Chakshu is a Law Graduate from Amity University, Noida with a specialisation in Intellectual Property Rights.


Amandeep Kaur

Legal Intern

Aman is a final year student pursuing B.A. LL.B (Hons.) from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. She is an IP, IT, and Corporate Law enthusiast.


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