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Industrial design is, without a doubt, a product’s language as well as its identity. It influences a consumer’s decision and is a significant aspect of their buying decision. Industrial designs and their protection are consequently critical for both SMEs and larger corporations.

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What design rights protect?

Protect the “look and feel” of your product

Design protects the 3D structure of your product. Design only covers the outer look and feel of your product and does not extend to the working of the product. In other words, Design is limited to the presentation of the product and does not protect the technology used in the product.

has a physical and tangible form

is manufactured or handmade

and is manufactured on a commercial scale

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At Photon Legal, we have a team of designers who can assist our clients in preparing product drawings that are acceptable at a government office. We offer-

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Why design protection!
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A product’s success or failure depends on its appearance. Therefore, a company usually invests time and money to innovate and develop items with a unique or original design to successfully market a product.

Exclusive rights are granted:

Industrial designs must be safeguarded in order to avoid unauthorised copying of protected designs by third parties. When such acts are undertaken for commercial purposes, the owner of a protected industrial design has the right to prevent third parties without his or her consent from making, selling, exporting, or importing articles bearing or embodying a design that is a copy, or substantially a copy, of his or her protected design.

Marketing and commercialization made easier:

Industrial designs are intended to appeal to consumers, they can be an essential part of a company’s brand and business assets, thereby increasing the market worth of a firm and its products while also making marketing and commercialization easier

Revenue generation:

Industrial design rights can be sold or licenced to another business, generating cash for the rights owner and, in turn, revenue for the economy as a whole through the payment of taxes, licencing fees, permit fees and other expenses. 

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