Designing is your Expertise, Safeguarding it, is ours!


Reserve the Unique Appearances of Your Designs

The design form the commercial representation of your product. It is the first thing your audience is going to perceive even before experiencing the technology it consists.

Industrial designs are another important IP that needs to be legally fortified for enterprise interests.

Why Are Design Patents Important?

Any design that is under the protection of a patent stays safe from misuse and the uses can only be dictated by the legal owner of the design. It gives the owner the right to stop illegal use of the design or copying of your creation. A patented design can further be licensed for monetary exchange.

Our Services

A Holistic Set Of Offerings For Your Design Protection

We help you protect the company you’re launching, scaling or taking public. A patent is a security system through which you can protect your ideas from being taken by others!

Design Filing

Our team of experts helps you word the perfect description of your product design and file it. We have a team of designers who can assist our clients in preparing acceptable product drawings.

Global Design Prosecution

Regulations can vary from country to country. Its important to scan the respective countries legal landscape when it comes Design IP’s, which only comes with experience and expertise.

Design Renewals

Continue your activities without any hinderance by staying ahead of the design IP deadlines. This is possible with a careful management of the design portfolio and being aware of the deadlines in different locations.

Assignment Recordals

When a change in management takes place, the design handover needs to be accounted for.


Derive Real Value From Your Work

At Photon Legal, we have a team of designers who can assist our clients in preparing product drawings that are acceptable at a government office.



Maintain the uniqueness of your design.


Commercial Identity

A one-of-a-kind creation that can be only tied to your company or brand.



License your design for commercial use in exchange for money.

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