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Preventing dispute alongside the development of a reliable program for dispute resolution is mandatory for any project in the modern world.

Disputes and disagreements are inevitable in any group or organization due to ideological differences and variation in opinions.

Enforcing IP rights and settling disputes

Effective communication

Communication is a key factor in ensuring understanding between people and groups. Dispute arise when parties cannot understand each other on specific issue due to lack of effective communication channels.

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Inclusive Planning

Planning is the fundamental step in management. however, if the planning phase is only done by the project leaders question will arise on some issues resulting in dispute. To prevent such kind of dispute, project leaders should ensure that the entire project team is included in the planning phase to ensure participation in decision making regarding project aspects.

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Contract agreement

To prevent dispute regarding project schedule, objectives, and expectations, all project team memebers would be notified on project contract agreement. knowing what is required of them will ensure that no dispute occur due to a misunderstanding of the agreement.

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Resolution program

Use of Alternative dispute resolution Method to avoid going to court


Mediation will be applied when the dispute is between two members. The mediator asist the parties in reaching an amicable agreement. This can aid in the maintenance of positive business relationships with other parties involved.


Arbitration is a way to resolve the dispute outside of court. In this parties agree to submit their disagreement to one or more arbitrators, who will ultimately render the binding ruling. It is a private and less formal process than judicial procedures.

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