Service Agreement

Outlining Contracts Between Contractor and Service Provider

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Contract based engagements, outlined

Hiring someone to do a job for you is easier said than done. When we talk about roles and responsibilities a certain service provider will have to accomplish, it is necessary to have the to-do’s outlined carefully. A Service Agreement does exactly that.

A service agreement is a written document between a contactor and a service provider, that outlines the deliverables that need to be completed.

Why Service Agreements?

Mapping service availing and delivery steps for safegaurding all-party interests.

Service Agreements can be varied, depending on the types of service the client needs to avail. They can be one-time or long-term engagements. A service agreement architects the following details of the engagment.


Photon legal provides a holisitc assistance in organising a service contract. Our experts outline details of the legal document to stipulate responsibilties to all the concerned parties.

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