IP Counsel

Standing up for what’s Right


Empowering Intellectual property rights

IP Counsel covers a wide range of topics from single innovation to large corporate issues. Intellectual property matters are relevant to multinational corporations, mid-sized companies, earl-stage, and venture-backed companies, as well as entrepreneurs and investors.
Our goal is to provide expert counsel in all areas of Intellectual property and related transactions.

Why Photon Legal?

Advantages of getting us on board as you virtual IP

Reduce Risks

We develop your exhaustive overview of your IP risk potential adn design mitigation strategies tailor-made for your business

Invoke Innovation

Harvest your inventions and secure innovations through a sustainable concept fully integrated with your Research and development

Cut Cost

Our holistic approach reduces expenses in several IP management areas and helps your department cope with cost pressure

We resolve your biggest IP Challenges


Understand market potential and customer demand helps you develop suitable products and technologies, create customer unique value and secure a return on your investments


Fostering technological innovation will help you maintain a leading market position and lock in customers and investors.

How we Built you IP excellence

Innovation and IP Creation

Harvest your invsntions and protect them with strong IPR

IP cost Excellence

Lower your IP cost to help your company cope with your IP budget

IP Risk Mitigation

Our IP Risk assessment help to reduce and mitigate internal and external IP Risks

IP Transformation

We serve and accompany your customer with strong IP functions

Gain a fresh perspective on your intellectual property portfolio.