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About Us

Creating Success Stories With IP Protection

Photon Legal, the fastest Growing Intellectual Property (IP) Law firm in India operates and services customers in accordance with ten core values. Photon’s basic principles are the company’s DNA and include Hunger for Achievement, Enthusiasm, Competitiveness, Self Motivation, Results oriented focus, Compassion, Being a Go Getter, Eagerness to Learn, Super Positivity, and Honesty” .

Our Vision

“Be The Go-To IP Firm That Inspires and Delights Clients With Care and Speed”


Our Story

Steps To Our Success Delivering Value For You

Photon legal is a brain child of Amit Koshal and Prayank Khandelwal. One thing that always made the founders curious was helping innovators and creators secure their work from intellectual theft. People invest their life in creating new ideas, innovations, products and its very essential to safeguard that.
Its that curiosity and idea which has now grown into a trusted firm that provides cutting-edge IP solutions such as Patent Analytics, Patent Drafting and Prosecution, Patent Litigation Support, IP Advisory and Strategy, Technology Landscapes, Trademark Advisory, Copyright & Design Advisory, and IP Advisory and Strategy. We believe intellectual work of innovation and creativity is directly proportional to one’s Respect and we help people earn their respect by helping them secure their ideas!

Why Photon Legal?

We are team of Engineers who have pursued Law to give you the best of expertise

Trained by qualified US Patent lawyers in Motorola (US)

Filed thousands of Patents and Trademarks across the Globe
with 100% patent grant record in India and the US

Over 40+ years of combined experience in IP and Corporate Law

Provided Training to more than 50,000 corporate employees in Intellectual Property (IP)

We guarantee 100% success for the work we do

Life At Photon Legal

Enabling A Value Driven Culture

At Photon Legal quality trumps quantity and so does happiness, curiosity and life over boredom. We work efficiently, we play more efficiently at the office or remotely. Opportunities are ample and we boost an open communication culture so your voice always reaches success. We believe in self-responsibility and accountability. Hence, everyone at Photon Legal learns and grows by challenging themselves every day in a new way. We value diversity, inclusiveness and passion for the work you do.


Our Life At A Glance

Join Hands With Us & BeThe Protectors Of Creativity & Innovation!