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VIRTUAL IP COUNSELS – a new era for IP protection

By December 24, 2021March 8th, 2022No Comments


As businesses attempt to grow and expand in this social media age, their Intellectual Property (IP) rights have gained even more importance than before. While IP protection is integral for any business organisation, most small or developing businesses tend to delay, defer or avoid the process under the pretence of having tight-knit schedules, or lengthy legal processes or bulky documentation. However, a rather brilliant side-effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is the work from home culture and the development of the virtual world. With most professionals working from home, services that were erstwhile only provided in person, are now provided virtually, such as virtual assistants, virtual book-keeping, cloud accounting and Virtual Chief Financial Officers. In a similar fashion, services related to IP are now being provided virtually through Virtual IP Counsels or Counsellors and Managers. Life just got easier, isn’t it?
A Virtual IP counsel offers all IP related services virtually and remotely to clients based almost anywhere in the world. So, while you continue working from home or even go for a trending staycation/ workcation, your Virtual IP Counsel can provide you all possible services at your fingertips. At Photon, we provide an array of services through our smart Virtual IP counsels including IP Consultation, IP training, IP registration, IP protection, IP portfolio management, and even IP auditing!

5 reasons for having a Virtual IP counsel-

1. Protection for all sized businesses-

While bigger organisations can afford to have their own in-house counsels to manage their IP protection, most medium to small sized organisations still cannot afford that luxury. However, these organisations no longer need to deter the process of their IP protection and can reach out to a Virtual IP Counsel for assistance. This is especially beneficial for MSME’s and Startups that are still in the budding or developing stage, as they can start the process of IP protection early on itself. Virtual IP counsels can also collaborate with your start-up incubators or accelerators so that you can avail their services in the initial stages of development itself. Think about this the next time you wish to approach a start-up incubator for help!

2. Easy access without geographical constraints-

A Virtual IP consultant or manager offers its services virtually, which means that you could pick and choose timings that best fit your budget, schedule and still be able to effectively protect your IP. At Photon Legal, we have helped several clients based in the US and UK, albeit remotely from India. Likewise, your Virtual IP Counsel could help you protect your IP whilst you’re sleeping, literally!

3. Hassle free services-

A Virtual IP Consultancy is as hassle free as it gets. You could arrange a call with your Virtual IP consultant per your schedule preference and in the comfort of your home, without any overhead or commuting costs. This means no travelling time and no pandemic risk involved! Besides, since most things are done virtually, you don’t have to deal with bulky legal documentation process. All files requisite to protect your Intellectual Property can be shared virtually and still be kept safe. At Photon, we encourage and offer paperless alternatives for documentation as well as smart docketing.

4. Flexibility-

Perhaps the best advantage of having a Virtual IP Counsel is the flexible nature of services offered. Unlike bigger organisation having IP managers and In-house counsels, you could approach a Virtual IP Counsel on an “on demand” basis. You can outsource your IP Protection and take assistance for as much or as little work you need, unlike a full time IP Manager or a permanent in-house counsel. A virtual IP Consultant is beneficial for smaller organisations or Startups that may not have bulky portfolios or the financial assets to hire a full-time IP Manager. A Virtual IP Counsel can help you keep up with your IP Protection while acting as a working member of your team.

5. Cost effectiveness-

A virtual IP Counsel can be made a part of your team virtually, thereby reducing overhead costs of travelling and bulky documentation. They are also inherently cost friendly when compared to an IP Counsel, Manager or an in-house counsel. Besides, start-ups and MSME’s based in India can avail special provisions introduced by the Government of India as measures to make the process and procedure of obtaining Intellectual Property Protection easier, faster and economically viable for start-ups. This, in combination with a Virtual IP Consultant or Manager, may just be the perfect fit for your start-up or small business! So, what are you waiting for? Take guidance from our brilliant Virtual IP counsels now.


Although there are numerous benefits for small and medium sized firms to engage the services of a Virtual IP Counsel or Manager, these benefits could also be equally applicable to larger firms and just as effectively. Besides, since there are more members involved in a larger business or firm, co-ordinating with, a Virtual IP counsel could become easier as you need no in-person meetings anymore.

Does a Virtual IP Counsel sound like a good fit for you? Look no further! Photon Legal values your creativity and works closely with you to provide robust IP protection for your product. Using our in-house experience, we understand our client’s needs and help them accomplish their aims by giving them focused advice of the most elevated quality that will reliably surpass your expectations and… we do all this virtually! We have so far helped 300+ clients spread across continents with a 100% grant rate in the US and India. Unlike conventional law firms, our Virtual IP Counsel provides tailor-made solutions which perfectly fit your requirement. Sounds interesting and convenient? Alright then, all you need to do is reach out to us through chatbot on our site , or email us and begin your virtual IP journey, now!