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Who invented Butter Chicken? Moti Mahal or Daryaganj?

By Prayank KhandelwalFebruary 1, 2024No Comments
Butter Chicken


Moti Mahal, the restaurant credited with inventing butter chicken, has sued its long-time competitor Daryaganj for claiming the origin of the popular Dish; Daryaganj claims that the recipe was developed by their ancestor.

This lawsuit filed in Delhi’s high court has all the makings of a tasty legal battle that may answer an interesting culinary question: who invented the legendary Butter chicken?

Foodies want to know, we want to know!

Let’s embark on this legal delicacy of a case! 

The Case

In a legal battle, Moti Mahal has accused Daryaganj of falsely claiming the invention of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani, prompting the Delhi High Court to issue a notice on January 16, 2024. Descendants of Kundan Lal Gujral, who owns Moti Mahal, filed the lawsuit, alleging that Daryaganj’s statements about inventing the dishes were misleading. The lawsuit seeks ₹2 crore in damages, citing potential harm to Moti Mahal’s reputation.

The lawsuit argues that late Mr. Kundan Gujral, recognized as the originator of tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and dal makhani, developed these dishes. The Gujrals claim that Daryaganj’s use of the name and promotional material attempts to establish a false association with Moti Mahal. Rupa Gujral, in her complaint, also seeks the removal of interviews claiming Jaggi of Daryaganj as the creator. Daryaganj, represented by Amit Sibal, refutes the allegations, asserting that the Peshawar Moti Mahal was a joint creation.

While awaiting Daryaganj’s response, the restaurant has shown willingness to collaborate by removing Moti Mahal’s Peshawar picture from its website.

Moti Mahal is represented by senior attorney Sandeep Sethi, and the defendants Daryaganj are being represented by senior advocate Amit Sibal.


I’m sure the food bloggers have already taken their pick. Which restaurant do you think will come out on top? Or the more important question is, Whose Butter Chicken & Dal Makhni do you prefer? The Savory tale of this legal deliciousness is just warming up!

Stay tuned with us for the next update in the case!


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